Trainer Talk

Canton High School Athletic Trainer: Kelsey Raskey



Office Location: Canton North Building


Concussion Awareness

Heat Illness/Prevention 

AED Locations at PCEP

Below is information on AED’s from the PCEP Nurse, Maryann Stevens

Do you know where your AED’s are kept in your schools? Do you know what an AED is? AED is an automated external defibrillator device.  We have 4 AED’s at the park and they are located:

  • Plymouth: Outside the cafeteria across from the Den
  • Salem: Outside the cafeteria across from counseling office
  • Canton: Inside the cafeteria across from the general office
  • Canton North: Outside the gym next to room 308

We also have one in the outside security truck for the afternoon and evening shifts.If someone is unconscious and not breathing at P-CEP you would call the security line for help at 2-2222 and start CPR.You would instruct them to call 911 and have someone bring you the AED. Make sure you give them your location.

Monthly Tips


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