Chiefs News · Virtual National Signing Day – Canton High School – Feb 3, 2021

Senior Athletes,

This is a reminder that you and your families have been invited to participate in our first virtual national signing day on February 3rd, 2021 @ Canton High School.  Please let Mr. Crump know if you plan to sign a national letter of intent to participate in collegiate athletics for 2020-2021.  Signees are encouraged to send in signing day pictures and videos with families and friends, etc.  In addition, if you have a t-shirt or hat that represents your chosen university, you are welcome to wear it.  Please contact me ASAP for details if you plan to participate.   We will be making a program with everyone’s names on it and we don’t want to leave you out.  Thanks for your participation!

Location:           Canton North Main Hallway
Date:                  February 3rd, 2021 – Virtual Signing Release