Chiefs News · Canton Student-Athlete of the Month – February, 2019

Brianna Amick

Coaches Comments:
Pom Pon, sophomore, nominated by Jennifer Kessler. Other Info: 2 yr Varsity Member / 2 yr MAPP All Star. Bio: Bree is not only an amazing athlete making Varsity and the MAPP All Star Team last year as a Freshman, she also cares about the sport of Pom and her team deeply. She has the drive and determination to win that you would want all of your athletes to have. Bree helped us this year to a 3 peat High Kick Title in November and ultimately to our MAPP State Runner up title this past January. She is always willing to try new choreo and is always willing to help make up things outside of practice. She cares about her schoolwork and has improved her grades immensely since last year getting a 3.2 now. She works hard every practice and always is found motivating her teammates to dig deeper. The captains named her MVP of our Winter Season and she also received at Banquet from the coaches the Heart of the Team award because of the amount of heart she has for the sport of pompon. Athletes that have talent and heart are hard to come by and Bree is more then deserving of this award!!!

Liam Radomski

Coaches Comments:

Boys Baksetball, senior, nominated by Jimmy Reddy. Other info: Liam is a one year varsity player for us but his contribution to our team this year has been paramount. He is our 6th man.  Bio: Liam has been an energy player for us all year as our 6th man and we would not be as successful without him. Liam is also an outstanding student and person.  Last week in the conference championship Liam had a career high 13 points and pulled down 10 rebounds as well. He is very deserving of this award.