Girls Varsity Tennis · CHS Tennis 2019

Good Morning,

Only about six more weeks until we begin!  Below are some important tennis updates.  Contact me with any questions.
1. A mandatory player information meeting will be held Monday, February 11, from 2:30-3pm in Plymouth Room 708 (near the gym).  We will go over the schedule, rules, and will hand out order forms for team uniform and spirit wear.  Orders and payment will be due on 2/14.
2. The calendar for the season is attached.  Please note that minor changes may still take place.
3. The CHS Tennis ‘leadership team’ includes:
Coach Kimball
Coach Clack
Chelsea Comar (Capt)
Marquette Winston (Capt)
Ishani Vaishnav (Capt)
Sache Krishnaraj (Mgr)
Surya Saravanakumar (Mgr)
Kurt Seifert (Mgr)
4. Please make sure that you have completed all required forms on the Privit website and that you have submitted a valid sports physical dated AFTER April 15, 2018.  No exceptions to this district policy.
Coach Kimball
We may add one more captain this season.  In case you are interested, here is the new team policy:
CHS Tennis Team Captains (We currently have 48 players signed up to play)
A. Two captains will be voted on by the team (pending approval of head coach and assistant coach).
B. A third captain will be selected by the coaching staff if the team exceeds 30 players.
C. A fourth captain, or JV captain, may be selected if the team exceeds 40 players (pending approval of the leadership team).
D. Selection criteria include commitment to tennis, dedication to the CHS team, and leadership potential.
E. Captains must be in their senior or junior year (preferably two of each).
F. Captains will have additional responsibilities/training and will be part of the leadership team that includes coaches and team managers.