The NFL Alumni-Detroit Chapter supports $2,500 student athlete scholarships for high school student athletes, who attend high school within Wayne County, Michigan. The NFL Alumni – Detroit Chapter believes that student athletes should be recognized for their academic achievement and should be encouraged to pursue career goals beyond athletics.

High school student athletes who will not obtain an athletic scholarship to compete in athletics at the collegiate level are eligible. High school student athletes who will participate in athletics at a college or university that does not give athletic scholarships are also eligible.

Awards to selected winners are sent directly to the recipient’s college or university of choice.

Student Personal Development Session
Once selected, our winners are required to participate in a 60 minute personal development session, prior to the release of the financial award. This session will help the student reflect on their life experiences in a structured way that will surface their “superpowers” and the impact they want to have on the world, prior to starting college. Students will gain clarity to help them maximize future opportunities, help determine a field of study in college, and gain a better understanding of self.

Eligibility Criteria: Must attend a high school within Wayne County, Michigan USA

    1. Overall High School Grade Point of 2.0 or Better
    2. OR ACT – Minimum score of 19
    3. OR New SAT score of 1090 or better or Old SAT score of 1500 or better

    (must meet ONE of the three criteria above)

  1. High School Senior status
  2. Accepted at a 2-year or 4-year college
  3. Letter of recommendation from High School Coach.
  4. Participated at the varsity level in athletics for at least one year
  5. Has not accepted any scholarship funds or grants to participate in college athletics

NOTE: Children of current or former NFL players are not eligible for this scholarship