Chiefs News · New academic eligibility requirements are effective October 3rd!

Academic Eligibility

  • New academic eligibility requirements are effective October 3.

  • Halfway through marking period.

  • Be aware of your grades BEFORE that Friday so you can make up quizzes, turn in late missing assignments, etc. so that your grade on October 3 is accurate and up-to-date.

  • New standard:

    • On October 3, and every 5 weeks after that:

    • Either pass 6/6 classes for continued eligibility

    • OR

    • Pass ⅚ with the 5 passing classes equalling a 2.0 GPA.  “C” average.

    • Essentially, you are allowed to “throw out” 1 failing grade, and you must have a 2.0 with remaining passing classes.

    • How to calculate remaining GPA: 4=A, 3=B, 2=C, etc.  Divide by 5.

    • Safest way?  Make sure you’re passing all 6 classes.

  • Probation

    • If you dip below requirement on October 3 check, you will sit out of games and meets for a minimum of one week.

    • You will be given a progress report sheet that you must take to teachers.  This is your ticket to eligibility.

    • By that Friday, you must be up to standard (pass 6 or ⅚ with 2.0 in 5) and turn in the progress report sheet.

    • If you are not up to the standard or don’t turn in a progress report, you will sit for another week.

    • If grades stay below standard for three weekly checks, you may be dismissed from the team.

  • Questions?  See APAA in the athletic office.